Mobile Promotions

There's a lot of buzz around the term mobile promotions these days. Mobile promotions is often synonymous with mobile coupons, which are incentives for consumer-targeted discounts for them to buy goods or services. Mobile promotions or mobile incentives can mean a couple different things to some marketers. Mobile promotions are a mobile coupon on which you can (1) engage consumers on a mobile device, and (2) redeem on said mobile device through an e-commerce purchase or a mobile commerce purchase.

For example, suppose you get an e-mail with an offer in it. You open it on your phone and click the offer. You then go to the retailer’s website on your phone and add stuff to the purchase basket. That is a mobile promotion.

On the flip side a mobile promotion could also be something that one sees on their mobile phone in the form of an ad or a message from a marketer. The offer (or promotion) maybe something you redeem in a physical store.

Lastly, an example of a mobile promotion is one where you may see offers on your mobile phone through a retailer's app or other marketing communications. You may select the offers you want thereby engaging with the offers through your mobile device creating a mobile promotion, however you may also redeem the offers in the physical store simply by scanning a plastic key-chain loyalty card. These are all examples of different mobile promotions.

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