About Us

Progressive Omnichannel marketers work with RevTrax to deliver ‘personalized’ digital incentives that are redeemed in-store. RevTrax has the only personalized digital solution that distributes, measures and optimizes digital promotional offers, providing both channel attribution and ROI impact metrics. Using the RevTrax platform, marketers capture, engage and convert shoppers during the purchase cycle via a brand-centric experience, whether the objective is product trial, continuity of purchase or brand switching.

Millions of dollars are spent on ‘customer personalization’ along the path-to-purchase; awareness, consideration, intent, loyalty and advocacy. Personal engagement within the purchase or conversion funnel is often neglected, supported only by generic one-size-fits-all incentives, haphazardly posted on coupon websites then redeemed in stores without attribution tracking or performance measurement. RevTrax eliminates these one-off events and replaces them with repeatable ‘personalized experiences’, each connecting digital upstream engagement to the downstream purchase transaction – hard attribution.

RevTrax’s patented technology is best in class and the pursuit of scalable innovation is a near obsession. RevTrax is at the forefront of developing new disruptive digital incentive solutions, paradigms that could change the industry. Expertise, professionalism and enthusiasm then provide the final assurances clients require for long-term partnerships.


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